This blog informs on 'Glimpses', a manifestation in the summer of 2011, set up by ARCAM, Amsterdam Centre for Architecture, and the Center for Architecture New York. The project (exhibitions and debates) explores the long-term future of both cities, as for each city the next level of transformation focuses on creating a vibrant and sustainable city.

The exhibition is divided into five “glimpses,” based on necessities of 21st century urban life. The roles of recreation (a section dubbed “Breathing”), food production (“Eating”), economic production (“Making”), transportation (“Moving”), and living spaces (“Dwelling”) are explored in the context of both cities. Within New York, firms focus their attention on recreation on the Hudson River (W Architecture), expanding the food network of Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn (workAC), commerce and development at the Bush Terminal in Brooklyn (Solid Objectives - Idenburg Liu (SO-IL)), transportation in Long Island City (dlandstudio) and the residential development of Newark, NJ (Interboro Partners). In Amsterdam, designers focus on the development of the northern and southern IJ-waterfronts (Delva Landscape Architects / Dingeman Deijs Architect), examples of local food production in Amsterdam (van Bergen Kolpa), Schiphol as a central hub for learning and knowledge (Barcode Architects), South Axis Business District as a mobility hub (Fabrications), and the Andreas ensemble as a high density housing estate within the city (Space & Matter).

Curatorial team: Marlies Buurman, ARCAM; Rosamond Fletcher, Center for Architecture; Maarten Kloos, ARCAM; Luc Vrolijks, Urban Progress

The exhibition will be on show at the Center for Architecture New York from June 8th till September 10th.See: http://cfa.aiany.org/index.php?section=upcoming&expid=140
ARCAM, the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture will exhibit Glimpses from June 17th-August 13th.
See for all related programs: http://www.arcam.nl/exposities/programma_nl.html

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