Friday June 10th a wide audiance came to the Center for Architecture for the program 'Rising Water and the City: a New Design Challenge?' At maybe the hottest day in the week students and professors discussed how design education and architecture schools can respond to and address the new challenges concerning Climate changes. At the end everyone agreed on the value of a more integral and interdisciplinary approach and international collaboration between schools and universities. A vibrant discussion took place under the guidance of moderator Lance Jay Brown, professor at CCNY/CUNY and Aart Oxenaar, director of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

The student plans that the participating speakers projected, showed that there is a more relaxed attitude to the water then maybe ten years ago. Rogier van den Berg (Head of the Department of Urbanism at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture) noted that after a long period of fighting the water a more 'Fluide attitude' is arising but it should be embedded in the institutes also.
More to follow..

Also at the Center, later that day Archiprix International students presented the results of the workshops they had to design new plans for New York, taking into account solutions for traffic, water and new typologies for the skyscraper. The results showed an incredible creativity, a shift away from the sexy object to integral city plans.

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Today Saturday June 11:
Symposium Glimpses at the Center for Architecture, follow the livestream!

Marlies Buurman

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