Last Friday - 10 days after the opening in New York - the exhibition 'Glimpses, New York & Amsterdam' opened at ARCAM, the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture. After our own welcome words and introduction on the exhibition, a big crowd listened to a speech by urban trend hunter Nathatlie Jager, Urban Signature. She addressed the five glimpses of the exhibition: BREATHING, EATING, MOVING, MAKING, DWELLING and added her own glimpse 'MEETING'.

The exhibitions in both Amsterdam and New York consist of five presentations of locations which, in a unique way, offer a ‘glimpse’ of the sustainable future of the city. The exhibition is divided into five 'Glimpses' based on necessities of 21st century urban life. The roles of recreation (a section dubbed “Breathing”), food production (“Eating”), economic production (“Making”), transportation (“Moving”), and living spaces (“Dwelling”) are explored in the context of both cities.
Within New York, firms focussed their attention on recreation on the Hudson River (W Architecture), expanding the food network of Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn (workAC), commerce and development at the Bush Terminal in Brooklyn (Solid Objectives - Idenburg Liu (SO-IL)), transportation in Long Island City (dlandstudio) and the residential development of Newark, NJ (Interboro Partners).

In Amsterdam, designers focussed on the development of the northern and southern IJ-waterfronts (Delva Landscape Architects / Dingeman Deijs Architect), local food production in Amsterdam (van Bergen Kolpa), Schiphol as a national Hub for knowledge (Barcode Architects), South Axis Business District as a mobility hub (.Fabric), and the Andreas ensemble in Slotervaart as a high density housing estate within the city (Space & Matter).

Nathalie Jager on the sixth 'Glimpse': MEETING.

In the opening address ARCAM stressed the importance of exchanging knowledge with other cities and institutes, providing images for a broad audiance, and the fact that the whole process of making ‘Glimpses’ is not meant to provide definitive answers, but rather, to ask the right questions from the right people in an attempt to generate discussion, provoke thought and stir the imagination. During the summer the exhibitions will serve as a background for several debates and lectures organized at ARCAM to stimulate the debate on the sustainable future of our cities.

4 July: Public talk on professional organizations BNA (he Dutch Association of Architects) and the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and architecture policy in the Netherlands.

5 July: Symposium 'Planning the Future of Amsterdam & New York' on the city plans: 'Structuurplan Amsterdam 2040' and 'PlaNYC 2030'. We will discuss the future of both cities and their future plans with contributions of Zef Hemel (Deputy director City Planning department Amsterdam) and David Bragdon (Director, NYC Mayor’s Office of Long-term Planning and Sustainability New York). During the symposium all themes of the Glimpses will be addressed by the participating architects and special respondents. The symposium is moderated by Tracy Metz.

8 July: Lecture by Bjarne Mastenbroek 'Real Sustainability'

22 July: Lecture by Florian Idenburg, So-Il on recent work.

See for more information on the programs and subscription:

Marlies Buurman (ARCAM)

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