Last night, June 7th, Dutch architect and Chief Government advisor on Infrastructure Ton Venhoeven lectured at the Center for Architecture New York.His lecture was the first in a series of events this week related to the exhibition Glimpses, opening tonight! His lecture 'Crossing Sustainability and Mobility' dealt with the future of sustainable infrastructure and how mobility can contribute to a vibrant and dynamic sustainable urban development.
One of the main conclusions was that our cities are up to now far too much based on infrastructure and the separation of functions. Cities must be more efficient, more compact, more varied, better connected. People should be able to go to work walking.We should reduce energy needs, optimize land use, reuse waste and produce food locally. Venhoeven is working on a network of transportation nodes in the Netherlands and a new train network connecting several Dutch cities (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht) in the 'Randstad' that will be realized coming decades.

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