The GLIMPSES-project had a great start in Amsterdam as well!
On the PROVADA, the annual 'real estate meeting point', the framed glimpse DWELLING was presented by Proper-Stok director Petra Rutten and the architects of Space&Matter to Paulus de Wilt (Nieuw-West).
Preceding the actual presentation Maaike Behm (ARCAM) introduced the GLIMPSES project and reported some of the already striking results. Jeroen Geurst (Geurst en Schulze architecten)explained both the urban design and the architectural design of the Andreas Ensemble. This housing complex is the starting point for the glimpse of the area at its west – according to Space&Matter. Marthijn Pool, Tjeerd Haccou and Sacha Glasl presented their analysis of the neighborhood, future trends among buyers, politicians and real estate developers. The outcome turned out the be provocative: immediately discussions on the ‘islands of similarity’ started. Reactions of, among others, Paulus de Wilt, Bob Mantel (Department of Urban Planning Amsterdam)and Rob van Kalmthout (Director Proper-Stok) made clear that the debate on the future of DWELLING and how to even out the Ring road will continue. Soon, at ARCAM, once the exhibition is on show.

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